Macbook Bottom Case Replacement

It seems that an ongoing issue has finally been solved by the announcement today of apples world wide replacement of the bottom case due to issues with the Glue.

Over the past few months I have seen a distinct increase in the warping that has been happening with the rubber bottoms and this has been mainly attributed to the locations where our students are using the Laptops. It seems that when designed apple didn’t test the bedroom envronment and the fact that a majority of our students use their laptops on their bed. This causes the laptop to overheat as it sinks into the bed and therefore causes the warping and peeling we are seeing in increasing regularity.

An interesting factor for schools is the option of self service and replacement. I see  a possible lesson on how many of our students can be more involved with the maintenance of the laptop itself and the fact they get a tool as well they can self manage the screws leads to future maintenance possibilities. Working with the vendors with this replacement will be interesting if we remove the repair time from their hands.

A self service is available as well where you order a replacement bottom case kit online. The free kit includes a new bottom case, screws, a Phillips head screwdriver and instructions explaining how to remove the bottom case and install the new one.

Image courteous of mac 9 to 5

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