USA Tour – Day 1 – Arrival in Sydney

Wet Weather Walking

Trevor and I arrived in Sydney today at 16:30 with intentions of making sure we had a chance to settle in and see some of the sights. The first hurdle was to get from the domestic airport to the hotel and that in itself was a laugh. It would seem that trying to get a bus to the city was an interesting exercise and in the end we grabbed a train. The train was great but working out what station to get off at was the first hurdle. Now, I don’t know how this happened, call it user malfucaiton, the first address I clicked on with my iPhone (trevor had not charged his) for the hotel didn’t actually show the correct address. Now, I should have asked Siri, which will work in the USA thank god, but lets just say the train stop we should have taken we didn’t. I accept the responsibility 🙂 – oh and making the compass work properly makes you look like an idiot, well anywhere, making a figure of eight!….

This then lead us to walking way way way to many blocks when it would have been very fast originally from the central station. Now this would not have been sooo bad if it was just wet.. and not like heavy rain but wet wet like it had been raining all day… so we did the walk, and then finally finally we found the hotel. Now this hotel is great location but being on the small side I will need to turn the music up louder I thinks.

2 Responses to “USA Tour – Day 1 – Arrival in Sydney”

  1. Skye Moroney 10 June 2012 7:35 pm

    Nice, I like TG’s designer rain coat…

    Auspicious start?

  2. Tania Taylor 21 June 2012 1:58 am

    Hey there….great site 🙂