USA Tour – Day 3 – Ground Hog Day

Today was really about spending 15 hours on a plane… and I am writing this post while sitting at the San Francisco Air Port waiting for a connecting flight to Canada. I can comment now that on both flights we have not had the most helpful air hostess and the United America flight… well it was really like being caged and watered 🙂

Once in Canada I will update this post with some ICT conversations that were based around some of the topics from yesterday.

 Time Delay….

Well today we didn’t get to see any schools but had the chance to chat to some of the others on the tour. Also upon reflecting on what I am looking for out of this tour I have come to realise that it really does take a lucky set of circumstances to come together just right to be prefect.

One thing that was spoken about at length today is the move away from providing tools and towards providing pedagogy. The issue I have with this approach is that while pedagogy can be roughly the same to instil best practice, it actually needs to be what is best for your students at your school in your classroom. I would rather a teacher come up with an idea and then sees that idea through, with the possibility of both using ICT to do so, and moreover not using ICT at all, to do the task.

The Controversy Section – Queensland Education Report on the Trial of iPads – ipad-trial

This is worth a read but I gotta be honest… it kinda said nothing at all… lacks detail and true representation of the specifics. Schools today want the ‘how to’ specifics not the ‘wow’ its working because finally the kids are engaged… they would have been engaged if they had a good teacher to start with

Tomorrow we go and visit three schools so it will be interesting to see what they are doing. Below are some of the great photos of Vancouver