ISTE Day 2 – SHREDing with CUE

Up and gone for a 7am start where I attended my first SHRED/Rockstar session.  SHRED is all about having the presenters of the day at the conference receiving  ‘air’ time for their particular session.

As expected  the room is very “America”, hyped and full of bluster; what a great way to start the day.

Each presented is allowed two minutes to provide a run down on their personality, their ideology and the basics of the session.  It was a very effective way of giving the customer/consumer choices.

Danny and the team from CUE were terrific although I think they will need a larger room tomorrow!  These two minute sessions take place daily and provided you can get out bed early enough are the perfect way of deciding  the most interesting  sessions of the day.  Another session high on the ‘must see/listen to’ agenda was an Unmasking of Africa.. this group performed incredibly well  at the SHRED session.

Highlight of the session was the video that I watched… FANTASTIC..

A Full Room.

It is all about getting to the session early… in America there are strict rules on capacity of rooms. There were about 50 spots available in each room with another 50 outside in the standing only area. The security won’t budge on the spots available.

 From the program!

Sessions by CUE

Rock Star and Shred sessions are brought to you by CUE, ISTE’s affiliate partner providing regional support for ISTE 2012.

Rock Star Sessions

Have you ever been to a GREAT presentation, but you can’t remember it when you get home? Rock Star Sessions by CUE are designed to prevent that from happening. Each Rock Star Teacher is an exciting and supportive educator who will lead you through an exciting hands-on lesson ending with a finished product. These ‘make-it, take-it’ sessions will leave you with ideas, skills, and a product you can use tomorrow! Rock Star Sessions cost $25 per session and require advance registration. Sign up is available through the conference registration form.

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