Apple Distinguished Educator 2013

In 2013 I have been successful in my application for the Apple Distinguished Educator program for 2013. The following is my video that I submitted. It took an entire day just to successful record the green screening but I wanted to offer some advice for others.

– Start collecting Video footage now, like today, like every chance you get. I know its hard when you are doing the instructing and the teaching but seriously let a student film the class or tripods, anything.

– 2min is extremely short, its almost impossible to say what you really want to say or in any great depth. Take some time to really think about the key message, not something I did very well… my first speech draft took 2min just for the introduction!

– Be creative, different – sounds easy but making it clean… thats hard – even my green screening and then speech and I shake my head at my transitions.

– Finally – student work and philosophy – online reputations – sharing and your personal networks and building relationships are important. Take time to establish those networks and talk to others around the state, on twitter and Linkedin.

– Oh – and 2min is 2min… 10min videos just are not going to work for you… I found it a nice challenge to hit right on 2min… I didn’t get it and got frustrated in the end. It is amazing just how much happens in a year so I found when I reflected back on the work I had done that I was a bit surprised just how fast ICT moves.

Here is my video, its a start and not my finest work but uses some cool tools. Software used in this 2min are

Final Cut Pro X (hated it to start with but love it now)

3D Timeline by BeeDocs

Stock footage from iStock that I purchased

iBooks Author   –   iTunes U

Recorded the iPad with a Mac App called Reflection (or Reflector now I Believe)

About the processes of submitting.. its straight forward and apple make it very easy. Simple rules, make sure you get permission from your principal, make sure you fill in all the sections as requested and then sit back and wait for applications to close. Check with your local Account Executives and Education Development people at Apple. They are a great source of information and can answer any question you throw.



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  1. Tehani 8 March 2013 6:40 pm

    Congratulations Brad, and great work on the video!