Adobe Educational Leader Play Date April 2014

In 2013 I was invited to become an Adobe Educational Leader (AEL) and as a result have had the opportunity to work with the Adobe Team to integrate Adobe products and projects into the classroom. Being apart of this group has certainly made me aware of the significant number of tools that I do not use within the Adobe suite that have real value for me professionally and also for our students.

I should note that as an AEL, I do get access to the entire creative cloud suite of products along with access to upcoming information. It has been this access that has made it easy to conceptualize the opportunities for these products.

Adobe Lightroom 5.4

I think out of all the Adobe products this is the most surprising piece of software that I have used. Essentially it has become my go to app for creating any kind of digital media that involves photography. Below is a short video on how I have been using Lightroom for the creation of digital signage throughout my College.



This next video is showing how the new Lightroom App for iPad works with Lightroom for desktop.

From the day I highlight recommend checking out how students can start getting their digital content out on Behance to start creating a portfolio that others around the world can start following.

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