How to run an efficient library

One of the greatest pieces of advice I can give to any Library is making sure that you are efficient in all that you do. It is through efficiency that you are able to improve services and then add services to your existing daily routines.

Help Desk.

So one of the most important things that I have done to improve my Library is in the implementation of a help desk system. You can use any help desk system in the world but do not underestimate the power of having one system that anyone emails and allows for each member of your team to see. It generates transparency when dealing with requests, it helps define what the Library is doing and more importantly it creates metrics that can help you when talking to your school leadership group about Library services.


When implementing this system, a directive was given that all requests that are going to take longer than five minutes must be added to our help desk system. The library team member can do this, however, we encourage the staff or students to email directly.

The following videos demonstrate the system we use from salesforce called The first video is an overview of the agent screen and the second is what I see as Head of Library.


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