3 25 June 2012

Today I was about to be part of an amazing opportunity!!!.  I was going to participate in the ISTE Leadership Symposium which brings together administrators, principals, directors and teachers who are passionate about leading ICT in their schools. The Symposium focused on four main keystones: Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences – Designing the Learning Environment Moving […]

1 24 June 2012

On the list of places to visit CISCO HQ was one of the more interesting choices of the trip. The most stimulating aspect of the day was imagining the possibilities and calculating the differences between the more user orientated technology CISCO offers and the traditional networking hardware. From the very beginning I was fascinated.  I […]

Comments Off on USA Tour – Day 7 – Promethean 23 June 2012

Today Lauren Sayer, Head of Teaching and Learning Australia and New Zealand at Promethean, hosted the group at the San Francisco Zoo.  Some of the animals I recognised, however, the only recognition I had of Promethean products is their interactive board products, it was refreshing to see Promethean taking an educative approach with their products. […]

2 20 June 2012

Google HQ- Here we come!!! . The architectural structure of the building was very different to what we saw Microsoft however my initial impression of the site was Marketing, Marketing, Marketing with Google bicycles outside and in. On entering the premises, we were greeted with a large spacious area containing a Google beach volleyball court, […]

1 19 June 2012

It was great to see today that Microsoft has now entered the tablet market in a big way. To me this was a logical and much anticipated step as third party venders running Microsoft Software are currently running inferior technologies when trying to compete against the dominance of the iPad. The major […]