3 11 October 2011

Many schools in the past three years have implemented 1:1 Laptop programs with the goal of achieving an environment that allows students to be more than just a passenger on their learning journey but an active participant.

3 10 October 2011

In a vast majority of West Australian Senior Schools, Term 4 is a time for finalising Year 12 marks and preparing them, our students for their final WACE exams. It is also a time for planning for the coming year and it is this aspect which has lead me to think about how I will […]

1 7 October 2011

Recently I had the honour to co-present with Mr Trevor Galbraith at the Educational Computing Association of Western Australia’s state conference (ECAWA). This was my first time presenting at ECAWA and it a very diverse audience of individuals representing all sectors and levels of ICT competency. I would like to add my thanks to the […]

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There has been many words written about Steve Jobs over the past few days. The many different ways he has inspired others, many different ways he has shaped the running of a company and the profound affected this has had on education sectors in all countries and none more so than in Australia. So in […]

Comments Off on School WiFi networks must be Like Macca’s (StarBucks) or I’m not using it… (student perspective) 21 August 2011

The title of this post comes from a discussion with the ICT Manager at my current school when he talks about the philosophy behind the way he wants students to access the college wireless networks and the experience they have. I am fortunate to have an ICT Manager, Andrew Cox, that supports a lot of […]