0 21 August 2011

In 2011 I have increasing become aware of the role that the Library has in our Schools and Colleges. The reality is that often in todays schools they are relicts of the past that unfortunately have failed to modernise with the times. While I have seen many beautiful libraries with books and lovely breakout areas […]

0 21 August 2011

The idea that many students are using YouTube to learn and gather information for various topics is not something that is new. The new thing relates to the direct explosion/popularlity of students uploading videos for their own digital presence/profile. While I know this has been happening for a long time in the USA the fact that […]

0 31 May 2011

It seems that an ongoing issue has finally been solved by the announcement today of apples world wide replacement of the bottom case due to issues with the Glue. Over the past few months I have seen a distinct increase in the warping that has been happening with the rubber bottoms and this has […]

0 15 May 2011

The Dilemma… An interesting dilemma that has come about recently for many schools that intend to issue school purchased mobile devices relates to that of insurance.  Under the current guidelines of the NSSCF all devices purchased need to have associated insurance cover in case of theft or damage to the device. While this is not […]